Heaven just got
a whole more colourful


November 19, 1963 - June 11, 2014


Manola painted us with colours, she lived her life giving love, she painted faces, painted walls, painted on glass and wood, she delighted us with the colours of her food, she coloured our lives with her smile and left us with the heart-stained orange, guava and orchid.

As a wonderful visual artist, Manola, born in the land of grace, Venezuela, daughter of immigrant parents from Spain, always insisted that her life and art were a single thing, and as well, sharing her days with the love of her life, Felipe, they undertook a trip to Los Angeles where their first daughter is born, Manuela. The changes continue and the destination leads to Edmonton, where they establish their residence and little Carmen is born. Blessings to the two girls, which carry the beautiful mixture of love, art and family.

Inspirations for who at some point touched us with her magic brush and laughter: The contrast of places visited, different languages, many cultures, and the love for adventure, transformed her creative process into works of art filled with passion and uniqueness.

A woman with no copy, with joyful spirit, that infected us with rhythm when she sang or danced. Manola: the daughter, wife, mother, sister, our favorite artist, the neighbour, best friend, aunt, godmother, and everything nice that we can imagine, because from now on those hearts she touched, are full of her colours.

Manola, we will bring you always with us, we will celebrate your life, because you live in your work, your family and in a little nook of our hearts.

See you soon,